Capabilities Statement

RDA is a woman owned business, with strong roots in fixture manufacturing, RDA has filled the need for retail visionaries since 1985 with product and labor. We have almost 40 years of building and installing store fixtures for the nations greatest retailers. With manufacturing plants strategically placed in the US, Canada and the Far East, RDA can produce custom designed millwork, furniture, signs and fixtures for Nationwide companies like Barnes and Noble, Linens and Things, Best Buy, Home Depot, Nike, and many more  A decade ago, our crews of carpenters began installing our product for restaurants, offices and hospitals. Today, with retail declining and the needs of government consumers on the rise, RDA is taking our skills to the military. We seek contracts to build and install for the exchanges, canteens, offices, and medical facilities all over the country.

We specialize in customer service, logistics and successful integration in every installation. Often a client has an idea of an improvement they want to make to their environment but they do not know what their budget will allow or what alternative choices might be. We work with our clients to research and select the best products for the situation and guarantee to have all components mesh together and work together on site.

RDA provides furniture, shelving, cash wraps, cases, and displays for the retail industry to suit the designers vision.  In addition to supplying the product, we install the very same product anywhere in the United States. We can supply graphics packages for sign requirements both temporary and permanent. Because we have several factories we value shop for our clients before we bid, the difference is in our project managers, who put in a great deal of time learning the details of the project during the bid process. As a result, they are well acquainted with the job or materials being purchased before it begins.

We are known for being creative and solution oriented, because we work with many manufacturers, be are not married to one solution. It is our pleasure to offer choices to our clients, or reinventing their wheel.

Though we are a small business, we are always looking to join larger general contracting companies to help take the burden of sign or fixture installation off their hands and offering them options for purchasing the products needed to furnish a retail environment, restaurant or office space. We are also eager to be awarded sign contracts where we would supply the graphics and the installation inside and outside. Our sign companies produce the most simple paper signs all the way through to the most glamorous engraved metal branding that define many government facilities.